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(Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization is a set of systematic processes, aiming to increase traffic from search engines to address specific web sites by utilizing the natural mechanism of the search engine algorithms. Specific goal of SEO is to place a web site address on the top positions of search results based on a particular keyword. Logically, the website address at the top of the search results have a better chance to get visitors. Application of blogspot seo techniques vary greatly depending on the experience of the blog owner and the intense competition the target keyword.

Broadly speaking, I divide into two, onpage SEO (SEO technique performed on the blog page), and off page SEO (SEO techniques are applied outside of the blog page). Should begin by following the guidelines on page seo guide and then continued with Off Page SEO.

To divide the traffic between blogs Computer Articles and Guides SEO, seo tips in addition to the above there are also other seo tips in this blog, can be seen on the link in the article linked below. SEO Tips in this blog article is not available in blogs Computer.
Here are some tips seo, seo and guidelines for blogspot blogger specifically for beginners who want to optimize the blog:
A. Learning SEO, SEO TipsContains the concept of SEO, Opinion, and tips that may be used as a reference for my friends who want to learn seo for free
A. Google's latest search engine algorithms Panda google in 20112. Is SEO can increase pagerank3. New blogger template designer burdened background image4. Auto generated content is prohibited google seo techniques (blackhat seo)5. How to increase your blog visitors using fwebtraffic (traffic exchange for free)6. Way of commenting on dofollow blogs for keyword optimization7. How to determine the keyword in the post8. The way in blogupp blog promotion to increase traffic (visitors to the blog)9. Tips on choosing a SEO friendly domain name10. Ways to increase blog promotion blog visitors are naturally (natural)11. Keyword in a manner cut off the blog post to be more seo friendly12. Way of promotion to submit feeds to blog rss feed directory site13. SEO is the most beautiful version of google trends SEO Hyun14. Blog Promotion Tips on Feedage to increase traffic (for free)15. How to know the backlinks blog using google webmaster tools16. How to speed up your blog using google ping google indexed17. Tips to accelerate your blog indexed by google submit url to google sitemap18. User sign up blog (website) to google analytics19. Link exchange20. Domain google around the world21. Google Technology22. Yahoo developing Yahoo Clues 3D search system23. Did not need to put meta tag in blogspot blog24. WebP new image format that google seo friendly25. How to calculate google pagerank blog with graphical visualization26. Increase visitors to the blog through Entrecard27. Schedule google pagerank prediction is a major update in 201128. Finally SEO Blog Guide can google sitelinks29. How to register your blog to new competitors blekko google search engine30. SEO Ranking Factor31. List of google crawl Error (Error Message robot google in Google Webmaster Tools)32. Analyze how to determine the google pagerank google blog / website
Ebook SEO, Link beriku contains free ebook about SEO Google, Yahoo and Bing which can be downloaded for free
A. Yahoo SEO Guide for Beginners (yahoo webmaster guidelines)2. Download a free bing seo guide book (ebook SEO Guidelines for Bing)3. Download the Google SEO Guidelines For Beginners
SEO Tools, Link follows containing some free tools that can be used as supporting tools for monitoring keywords, analyze and develop a blog blog
A. Tools to calculate pagerank blog2. Check for broken links using link checker3. How To check broken links using the Free Broken link Checker Tool4. Calculates based backlinks google pagerank5. Free Web tracker plus a companion Web Statistics Google Analytic6. Way of using the blog backlink check reciprocal link checker7. Way checks are banned google blogs8. Google trends google insights for search tools to select keywords seo blogger9. Using Quintura Tools to analyze keyword SEO blog10. Google chrome plugin check pagerank and alexa rank (SEO Toolbar Extension Chrome)11. Using Wordpress Plugin All In One SEO Pack on a free blog12. Analysis using the Keyword Density Keyword Density Tools13. Installing the plugin NoDoFollow to find dofollow blogs and nofollow

Before reading the post above seo guide, make new friends learn SEO from scratch should be read in advance of the introduction of seo, SEO techniques can be found here

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